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One Hundred Black Men’s mentoring framework is based on one-to-one, group, and peer-to-peer models. Mentors provide critical life skills, while increasing career and educational opportunities for mentees. Our framework is also largely influenced by and integrated with the “Mentoring the 100 Way” model which was created by 100 Black Men of America.

Our mentoring program includes the following components: 

  1. Critical life and foundational skills to increase academic achievement and reduce truancy.
  2. Career opportunities through the OHBM internship program.
  3. A self-reflective process that requires preparation and dedication
  4. Tools and strategies to empower mentors
  5. Mandatory mentor training including communication techniques, as well as one-on-one and group mentoring strategies.
  6. A two-stage recruitment process for mentees which includes a forum with presentations on the program delivered to students and parents, and a separate interview between the mentee and mentors. The recruitment process is used to determine which mentees will be eligible for the Success Academy and the Career Academy. 
  7. Mentoring Success Academy: Consists of structured one-on-one mentoring once per week on Saturdays. The mentoring experience includes discussions on life issues and leadership, games between mentee-mentor teams, and trips and experiences to museums, cultural events, and college campuses. Mentees and mentors participate in bi-weekly journaling and use technology for composition, editing, and presentation. As a culminating activity, mentee-mentor teams create a presentation using photos and videos to create a documentary.
  8. Career Academy: Consists of career planning, participation in career days via professional presentations, site visits to corporate offices, life skills training, resume writing, the incorporation of online learning via MOOCs and TedTalks with group discussion, and developing professional social media profiles on LinkedIn. The Career Academy provides activities twice per month at participating schools for three hour sessions.